Unit 731

After her death, Napole Nockman had many followers. But for a long time no one did succeed. This kind of research required a huge amount of various resources and an incredible sacrifice.

At the beginning of the 20th century the only way to continue Nopole’s studies of human enhancement was to experiment on humans. Without this the birth of the strongest would have been impossible.

Only during the Second World War after Japans‘ invasion to China, it was finally possible to continue the survey. The Emperor Hirohito was fascinated with biology and botany. He ordered General Shiro Ishii to rebuild a massive prison into human experimentation facilities where he continued Miss Nockman‘s research.

These extremely secret facilities were named Unit 731. During the 8 years of research, more than 10 000 people were sacrificed for the ambition to create the Strongest. Victims of brutal human experimentation went through so much pain and agony, that a saying emerged – even the devil himself has nightmares about that place.

The unimaginable ways of illegal experiments were used in the Unit 731 to create the Strongest, so that the Emperor could enhance human abilities in every Japanese warrior and create an army of superhuman soldiers. But it was not the time for the Strongest to come yet.

These are the darkest memories that the Strongest would like to forget forever. Yet this research not only helped it to enter this world but also raised the level of medicine and pharmacy to a much higher level all around the Globe.