Tutsi Guerilla

Deep in the Central Africa there is a land of sunshine called Congo. Sadly for decades this country has been ripped and torn apart by wars. In 1998 the bloodiest conflict began. What led to five years of pain and increased profits of death dealers. The former USSR was a gold mine for sealing weapons at the black market.

Many of those were taken from forgotten and abandoned military bases and shipped to the African ports. Ten mysterious metal containers reached the war zone. Rwandan soldiers intercepted the mentioned containers thinking it was Russian bomb. Soon they realized containers were full of something extremely valuable.

It was too difficult to solve the puzzle, but their curiosity provoked them to keep on trying opening it. Eventually someone managed to open the containers.

There were tiny small unlabeled bottles in every single container. Soldiers also found a written description and safety use notes.

It seemed that someone had sent them to the war zone on purpose.

This was the start of the infamous “Nettoyant” (The Cleaners) legend. Ten non-recruit soldiers were known all around Congo and even its neighboring countries for their military capacities, extraordinary performance and incredible strength.

Lots of stories were born about the Nettoyant unit. People were saying that during the battle each member of the unit could kill more than 100 men. But no one could tell the whole story because the Nettoyant soldiers appeared out of nowhere and vanished without any explanations.

On May 14th 2002, these mystical super-soldiers helped General Laurent Nkuda to take over the city of Kisangani in less then an hour. Over 160 soldiers were killed during this struggle. The Nettoyant disappeared straight after the surrender.

Until these days the name of Nettoyant soldiers causes hatred and anxiety for those who had to experience the struggle during the Great War of Africa and face the strength of monstrous ten.