The Cyborg

Project „The Cyborg“ 1963

After the war and the fall of Japan, the research in Unit 731 was stopped, but the legend of Napole Nockman did not end.

USA signed an agreement with Japan which ascertained the anonymity of all the people involved in the experiments. The both parties agreed to destroy all the files related to the Unit, while Japan promised to provide the US government with all the records about the bloody research.

During the Cold War the CIA made “The Strongest” project as a priority experiment, so one after another human enhancement programs were conducted.

NN-13, NN-217, Nebraska, Napole and of course The Cyborg Projects were conducted in top secret military bases in Nevada, USA.

The Cyborg Project research caused a mass panic and led to many public protests.

During the experiment on Private Jack Hockland, something went wrong.  The side effect was the cause of death to 47 soldiers and 21 civilians. The scientists lost control over the experiment. Jack raged in the military base at the town of Goodwill for 75 hours – until the effect ceased.

This incident inspired a lot of writers and film directors.

Every project based on the Napole Nockman‘s and Unit 731 researches experienced similar results – Know No one could control the effects of the Strongest. So the CIA ordered the closure of the program and buried the materials and results for good. But… they did fail. Again…