In 1972, KGB spy managed to break into Pentagon and steal the files on the research program. So the Soviet Union continued Napole Nockman work. Russian scientists identified a lot of mistakes done during Japanese and USA experiments. It took them nearly 12 years of intense work in secret Siberian laboratory but still the success was not in their hands yet.

In late fall, 1986, a regular experiment pushed Russians few steps closer to the Strongest.

Nikita Nosajev was a soldier who volunteered for this experiment and Mr. Nikolaj Nedabytov was responsible for the medical support during this experiment.

The soldier was connected to the special device which monitored the functioning of every single cell of his body. During the experiment there was and electricity surge and a high voltage of electricity seriously shocked Nikita. Doctor immediately tried to help him and gave an adrenaline injection which led to an amazing result.

Scientists who were monitoring the computer data thought that something had happened to the scanner. All the indicators went crazy; they did not notice what was happening inside the experiment room. But Nikolaj, who was in the same room with Nikita, witnessed everything. He saw the strongest right in front of himself.

For a few minutes the soldier became more than a human – for a few moments he became the Strongest!

Later scientists remembered that while trying to fix the devices they felt more powerful and somehow energized. But the most amazing things happened 500 meters around the base. In a few seconds snow melted and mysterious shinning light appeared.

Unfortunately, at the very moment the soldier of the NN project Nikita Nosajev died, the whole shining immediately disappeared. Still the side effects were visible for a few weeks: plants flowered all around the base, the temperature of the ground was way higher than normal, also, animals were acting rather strang.

They never managed to repeat the same effect, but the research continued further!