Nazar Sokolov

Lithuania – the country in a very heart of Europe. The very center between the East and the West. Appareently it is also the perfect spot for lots of innovations and businesses from Europe and Russia to merge. This story is about the Strongest. Prepare yourself.

Part One

“One tiny slip…”

Borris Sokolov was a successful businessman from Russia. He was a mysterious gentleman, whose past was protected by the government. People say that in the Soviet Union he was a famous scientist who privatized one the biggest Russian pharmaceutical companies.

No matter that, as his former employees remembered, Borris seemed to be involved into some unsearchable affairs…

But even significant and powerful people cannot escape the coincidences of life.

In the beginning of year 2009, Borris visited Vilnius, Lithuania, where a small Pharmaceutical business conference took place. He took this stop at his way to London, where he had arrangements with some of his colleagues for the meeting on his private research.

That cold Lithuanian winter evening after the conference Borris got a little too careless. He decided to continue his discussion with colleagues in the glamorous restaurant “Medininkai” in the old town of the city. One glass after another and the discussion developed in to songs and dances.

The morning after Mr. Sokolov realized that his laptop was gone after night. This was the biggest shock to him as his secret material was hidden in that computer. While Borris was devastated by this fact, his information started the way around Lithuania seeking for somebody who could decode and use it.

A young hacker from Kaunas city purchased this stolen laptop and got extremely interested what could be so well hidden inside it. After many sleepless nights while trying to encode this information he finally managed to get it. He created an internet auction for these files and one Lithuanian company called MyDrink Beverages realized the worth of it.

MyDrink Beverages started their research on the secret files without realizing where are they sticking their noses in…

In 1986 Borris Sokolov used to work in a secret Soviet military base, deep in Siberia. He was one of those people who have experienced the power of the Strongest. After the research was closed he and few of his colleagues continued the job of Napole Nockman.

But no one ever believed, that this information could leak with one simple accident.