“This is how the idea began to come true”

Even as a young girl Napole Nockman was gifted with a great talent and cursed with hatred for the humankind. She thought that if somebody is even for a slight bit less intelligent than her – he is not worth of living.

One early morning, while Napole was getting ready for school, somebody in her orphanage told a story about General John Lee and his infamous phrase. Since the moment she heard those words, she became desperate to create something extremely strong.

After studies at the university Napole Nockman hid herself from the society and devoted her life to the science. Only after her death horrible facts came up to the surface:

Napole used humans for her experiments and crossed all the lines trying to develop an elixir to enhance the powers of a normal human being.

It took more than a hundred years after the death of Napole Nockam until somebody finally managed to finish her work and to make her idea to come true!
It is still a mystery what Napole did to her victims and how many lives did she sacrifice while trying to create something extraordinary strong. But we know that her followers took even darker paths for the sake of Miss Nockman‘s idea…