Diego Montoya

NapNock energy shot is better than cocaine No matter all horrible events, legends, deaths and sacrifices, the Strongest did never stop. Napole Nockman‘s experiments were followed by many others. Eventually it even left it‘s traces in the jungles of Columbia. This story attracted attention of Northe del Valle (North Valley) cartels‘ leader, Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez.

After Diego Montoya, a.k.a Don Diego, found out about the ultimate soldiers in Congo, he fell for the Strongest. The feeling that it could bring him more power and riches did not let him sleep.

Don Diego sent his men to Congo to look for anything related to the famous and mysterious bottles that Nettoyant soldiers got from Russia. The 10 million US dollars encouragement was tempting to all…

Montoya‘s biggest enemy was Wilber Varela‘s a.k.a Jabon (The Soap). Their fight for the leadership of the cartel lasted for ages. Though Jabon heard about the Strongest operation and immediately sent his troops to Africa.

But after a month without any explanation he recalled his men from Africa.

After few more weeks Don Diego celebrated the finding of Russian containers. They even found one magical bottle which helped to extract a bit of the mysterious serum.

Cocaine is only for bakery

Soon after the successful discovery, Wilber Varela arranged the peaceful meeting with Don Diego.

Mr. Jabon was trying to explain that the Strongest will destroy all cocaine business which was bringing billions and billions of money to Columbian drug magnates. He also had a fear that they might not be strong enough to control its power.

Though, Diego Montoya sensed that Jabon just fears that the Strongest will not leave him a chance to win this rival fight for power. So, he did not stop the research.

The idea of creating something big and powerful totally possessed him. That made The Soap to try even harder to defeat his enemy. The war between Mr. Diego and Mr. Varela requested more and more deaths…

Gang war continued for a few years. It exhausted the both sides what let the international Drug Enforcement officers to take over. They arrested Don Diego on 10th of September, 2007. Wilber Varela escaped to Venezuela, but was killed by his own comrades

What happened to the research?