NapNock is here

NapNock strongest energy shot

We are proud to announce the launch of the NapNock energy shot. Which has taken 2 years of development and preparation. Although originally born in 1863, A lot of people were killed over the years, but only now 148 years later  can we see …
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John Lee


John Lee is known as the cruelest military leaders in the history of the World. It is been said that J. Lee shot his own son because he could not handle the fatigue and tiredness. Right after this cruel and inhuman act general said …
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“This is how the idea began to come true” Even as a young girl Napole Nockman was gifted with a great talent and cursed with hatred for the humankind. She thought that if somebody is even for a slight bit less intelligent than her …
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Unit 731


After her death, Napole Nockman had many followers. But for a long time no one did succeed. This kind of research required a huge amount of various resources and an incredible sacrifice. At the beginning of the 20th century the only way to continue …
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